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11 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Cat

The title surprised you, didn’t it? But, you know what, I am serious. If you don’t have a kitty-cat already (by the way, you really cannot sit with us if you don’t), here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t adopt one either. It can be a little too much to have a cat (or cats) around you all the time. So, you may want to reconsider your decision. Why wait for more? Here you go! Also, you can thank me later xD.

Seen the videos? Now it’s real life.

Yes, they WILL make you roll on the floor, laughing your ass off. Apparently, it is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens. They can be so funny at times, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from going. HAHAHA. But, wait. You wouldn’t know since you don’t have one. Ouch?

I'm your boss.

They own you and everything you own.

My cat is just like, “I will sit wherever I want to because Yass queen.” Now, this can cause issues when you are workkkking. Sorry, my kitten just sat on my laptop while I was writing this. I will probably write this later, ugh.

Annoying cat

Sleep? What is that even?

Yes, you may be a person who believes that there is no sunrise worth waking for. But, when you have a cat, the tables will turn and how. You will have to forget sleeping well for a bit. And no, I am not kidding. Take my words seriously!

Lonely cat owner

They make you lose friends, which means they make you a slave!

I totally agree that a bit of partying didn’t kill anybody. But, when you have a cute cat at home, you automatically end up missing most social gatherings (oh no, this can be dangerous). Don’t ask me ‘why?’ I mean, you would rather chill at home and cuddle with your kitty. 

When their mood changes, satan has been summoned.

They are so moody, and it is frigging scary! On the one hand, my kitten is sitting on my lap peacefully, and the next minute, she is biting me like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes, I wonder if she wants to kill me. Wait, what if she actually wants to?

Everything is a toy, even your stuff.

I can tell you this from my own experience that cats will RUIN your electronics and furniture. My kitten has ruined my chargers thrice, and now I am extra careful about it. Well, I have become a little disciplined, at least.

They make you forget that anything ever happened.

Cats are insanely adorable. So much so that you will want to leave everything just to sit and stare at them. But, what exactly is the issue here? The problem is that they get away with everything because of their cuteness.

Their self-obsession will give you competition.

Cats keep themselves very clean. They like everything spick and span. This also applies to their litter. They are pretty picky, which may annoy you. Oh, and you might end up judging yourself too. Oh God, horror!

You’ll be known as the crazy cat person.

Once you adopt a cat, it can be hard to keep yourself from bringing more furry companions home. Again, what would you know about that urge? Embarrassing much?

They will trash the house.

Don’t worry about your daily cardio. Your cat will make you finish it even before you know. You may want to reconsider if you think staying active won’t help you.

They love to hide in your stuff.

Cats love this game. They love hiding, so it gets difficult for their owners to find them. So, go ahead and adopt one only if you are good at the game. Else, you are cancelled :p

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